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Are you an artist? Do you have a powerful message of kindness and unity to share with the world? Enter the anthem contest for a chance to be selected as the WorldWide Dance for Kindness Anthem Artist!

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Congratulations to the 2016 winner, Linda Lind! Check out Linda’s song

About the Contest

Things to know before submitting!

Music has the most amazing power to uplift, inspire and unite! Each year, as Life Vest Inside kicks off World Kindness week, thousands of people from across the globe come together in celebration of kindness through song and dance. Each year musicians and artists from around the world will have an opportunity to be a BIG part of that by submitting their song for a chance to be selected as the WorldWide Dance for Kindness Anthem!

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Past Winners

Charles Preston

Revolution of Love: DFK2017

Noelle Maracle

Give Love Away: DFK2016

Linda Lind

Keys to the World: DFK2016

Yaakov Feldstein

More Light: DFK2015

Song Checklist

  • Is your song recorded?
    You’ll need to submit a soundcloud link of your song. Don’t worry it only needs to be a demo! (see FAQ’s regarding what we consider a demo.)
  • Do your lyrics reflect the overall theme of kindness, compassion, peace and unity?
    Check out last year’s lyrics
  • Is your song danceable?
    Remember, this event is called Dance for Kindness! (Check out past Anthem’s)
  • Is your song an original work?
    Must be an original work to be submitted
  • Does your song have a title?
    Be creative!

Have a question? Visit our FAQ’s.

How it Works

Steps for Submitting Your Song!

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Follow these steps to apply for the contest!

Submit Your Application

Be sure to review the song checklist, terms and conditions and FAQ’s before applying.

Wait for Approval!

We will review your submission and keep you posted to let you know when song voting will officially open.

See calendar below >

Receive Your Toolkit

Helpful social media posts, copy, and little tricks of the trade to get the word out and help you promote your song!

Spread the Word

Increase your chances of winning by encouraging your friends, family, the person sitting next to you on the train to cast their vote! Let them know that your song is in the running to be this year’s DFK anthem! (The artist that receives the most votes wins! It’s that simple!)

Winner Announced!

Once voting closes, the artist with the most votes will be selected as the official DFK Anthem winner!

Get Produced!

Work hand in hand with Life Vest Inside and music industry professionals to produce your song and get it sounding just right to be heard WorldWide! (Oh yeah, I said WorldWide!)

Get Psyched!

Your song will be danced to all around the globe in honor of World Kindness!

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DFK Anthem Calendar of Events

January 1st


February 1st

All Applicants informed if there song makes it to the next round (voting round)

February 5th

Applicants moving onto voting round receive a toolkit with exciting ways to promote their song and campaign.

February 15th

(Spread the word like crazy!)

March 1st

Voting closes!
(11:59pm ET)

March 10th

Winner announced!
(please be patient as we will need ample time to validate all votes cast)

March 15th

Begin song production

June 1st

Finalize the Anthem song
(Mixed and Mastered!)

Check out our FAQs and terms and conditions to learn more
Questions? Email us at

Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.

- Alphonse de Lamartine -


Entering the contest is simple! Head to and complete the online application. Once you do, you will receive a confirmation email.

You can submit a soundcloud file, google link, youtube link, etc. Just be sure the link is accessible for us to open.

In addition to your song link file, you also have the option of submitting a YouTube/Vimeo video link. It’s preferable to also submit a video because it gives those who will be voting a chance to see you and connect with you! You can do a rough performance of your song on the video, give a bit of an insight as to what the song means to you, etc. Remember, tell your story!

Nope! It’s completely free to submit a song.

December 31st at 11:59pm ET.

Only one submission per artist so be sure to submit the most powerful song. Last year’s song was written specifically for Dance for Kindness keeping the mission and vision of the organization and the event in mind. Click HERE to see past DFK Anthem songs.

  • The Submission must not exceed five (5) minutes in length; and
  • The Submission must be an original work; and
  • The Submission must be in English; and
  • The Song must reflect the positive theme of kindness, compassion, peace, or unity; and
  • The Song must be danceable
  • The Song cannot have any inappropriate language such as profanities
  • The Song submission must only be a demo; plain vocals and one instrument only (We are not looking for a song that is fully produced – we are most interested in hearing your voice and the melody).

Dance for Kindness is a worldwide event focused on the power of kindness to unite us all in spite of differences in race, religion, culture, and ethnicity. The song should reflect positive themes of kindness, respect, understanding, unity, love, compassion, empathy, etc. Click HERE to see past Anthem songs for inspiration. Want a bit more direction? Email and she’ll create a video giving you a closer look to the event and its importance.

It most certainly does NOT need to be professional! Song submissions need to give us a great sense of your raw voice. Highly produced songs submitted will NOT be accepted as a submission. All you need is your voice and the melody (feel free to utilize an acoustic instrument, but remember no full production). Remember this is a rough demo. It will be voted upon based on the melody, lyrics and of course how well you sing it:) To ease your worried mind, click HERE to hear the first submission Charles Preston (DFK2014 Anthem Winner) submitted. You can compare it to the final product HERE and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Make your song lyrics powerful and sing from the heart – that is KEY!

The selection process is broken into two Phases!

    1. Phase 1: LVI selection
      All submissions will be reviewed by the LVI team to determine that all submissions fit the submission guidelines listed above. All submissions that fit the description will move on to public voting in Phase 2.
    2. Phase 2: Voting
      Those submissions that make it past Phase 1, will be posted on the Contest Website and opened for public voting from 12:01am ET February 15th 18th, 2017 – 11:59pm ET March 1st, 2017. The Song with the most votes wins the Contest and the winner’s song will be professionally produced with LVI and music industry professionals.


      • Voting opens February 15th at 12:01am ET.


      • Voting closes March 1st at 11:59pm ET.


      • Only one vote per contestant, but don’t forget to encourage your friends to share it with their friends and family! The more people that know, the more likely your song will receive enough votes! Please note, if illegal voting takes place; including but not limited to voting multiple times, LVI can void your submission.


      • We will provide you with an awesome Toolkit on February 5th prior to voting going live filled with email templates, sample social media posts and pictures, even sample text messages to send out to your phonebook! Your job – get it out there!

Post up like crazy, make videos sharing your story and call on friends, family and your extended network to support you! The Toolkit has it all and will be emailed to all those who make it to Phase 2, prior to voting going live on February 15th.

Voting closes on March 1st at 11:59pm ET. Winners will be announced, the latest, by March 10th. The winner will be listed on the website. All applicants will be notified via email. Please try and hold yourself back from sending us tons of emails asking who won:) We will do our best to announce it ASAP!

The song with the most votes wins! Winner receives the following:

        • Winning song will be professionally produced with Life Vest Inside and music industry professional’s getting it prepared for a worldwide release at the Event on November 11th, 2018.
        • One (1) live performance opportunity at a Dance for Kindness event city, subject to availability
        • Winner will be featured on the Times Square billboard in the heart of NYC
        • Winner will be featured on the Life Vest Inside website
        • Winning song will be featured on the DFK2018 Album


          • All ages welcome! If you are a minor and your song is selected, you will need a parent or guardian to sign off for you.


          • Nope! This is actually a great opportunity for any musician, regardless of their professional status, to show the world what their made of and share a song from their heart! The lyrics are key, so write from your heart!


          • It can most certainly be an existing song so long as it fits the submission guidelines listed above and it works with the theme of Dance for Kindness and the organization.


          • Sure! We created an Anthem Toolkit, giving you everything you need to spread the word and get as many votes as possible! The Toolkit will be emailed to you prior to voting going live!

The DFK Anthem Toolkit includes links to access:

            • Email templates
            • Sample social media copy
            • Sample social media memes
            • Sample text messages
            • The Official Dance for Kindness Anthem Contest Facebook Banner
            • LVI and DFK logo’s

Once the campaign goes LIVE on Feb 15th you can head to, find your profile, click on it and copy the URL. We will also email you your URL after the campaign goes live!

Unfortunately we don’t have usernames built for you guys to edit your profile page. If there is something pressing you would like to edit on your profile page, simply email the changes to us at and we’ll get them changed!

See our terms and conditions page for additional info as well.

Have additional questions? Email us at

Check out our Official DFK Anthem Contest video for more info as well.