Head Choreographers

The dancers behind the dance!

Learn more about the choreographers behind the Dance for Kindness FlashMob!

A Global Team

DFK Choreographers

As a worldwide event celebrating our inherent differences, Dance for Kindness proudly passes the torch every two years by appointing a Head Choreographer from another country. Although Life Vest Inside is based in the US, Dance for Kindness is a GLOBAL event belonging to each and every country, each and every person. Learn more about our Head Choreographers and how they plan to inspire change in both their local and our shared global community through Dance for Kindness.

Our Head Choreographers

The Dancers Behind the Dance

Stefanie Roos

Miami, USADFK2022

Katelin Zelon

New York City, USADFK2020

Becky Epstein

Virginia, USADFK2019

Maria Huhtinen

Stockholm, SwedenDFK2018

Justin Cole

San Francisco, USADFK2016-DFK2017

Anthony Giorgio

New York City, USADFK2013-DFK2015

Tory Dube

New York City, USADFK2012

Years at a Glance

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(Please keep in mind the next time we will be selecting a Head Choreographer will be for the 2022 DFK event.)

  • Please be aware that Head Choreographers need to have choreography experience