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Official Lone Dancer!

Want to get involved in Life Vest Inside’s Annual Dance for Kindness but don’t have an event taking place in your city? Missed the chance to sign up as a Group Leader this year?

We’ve got you covered!


Now you can register as a Lone Dancer!Break into dance on your city streets and perhaps inspire others watching to join in!

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How it Works


Register to Dance: Select the Lone Dancer option on the registration page


You’ll receive an email with the link to the dance tutorial so you can learn the dance in the privacy of your own home. Please don’t share the link with others who haven’t registered.


One of our DFK coordinators will reach out to you to answer any questions you may have.


Our DFK assets folder provides you with everything from posters, postcards, social media copy, social media posts, graphics, press release, blog posts, event hashtags and videos and more!

Suit Up!

The color theme for Dance for Kindness is orange. Get decked in orange and feel free to check out the awesome merch and official DFK apparel on our website!


Capture your event and be included in our worldwide montage video and our lone dancer video! Have a friend or family member record you doing the dance and send us over a copy of the video file and pictures so we can feature you on our website.

Still have a question? Check out our FAQ’s!


Are You Ready?

By joining our Lone Dancer Program you will be helping us spread kindness around the world. The more people who join us on November 12th, the greater our reach truly is. Do you want to represent your city or town in this amazing event? Are you ready to dance, even if you have to do it alone? Then we are excited to have you come on board!!

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Be a leader and start a kindness revolution!

One person truly makes all the difference!

Are you ready to be a Lone Dancer?

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