A single act of kindness creates a beautiful ripple of altruism, positivity, and above all, hope. When you see an act of kindness, you get inspired to do the same thing. This is exactly what the Catching Kindness Card game does!

Catching Kindness cards are a great way to exercise your eyes and look closely at the kindness that surrounds us. When you see someone doing an act of kindness, give them one card and let them know that you have been inspired by their good actions. That person will then look for another kind act and pass the card to another person. They have 24 hours to pass on the card.

What makes this game even more special is that we are able to see the world as a better place and materialize that. We all have seen enough of the hate plaguing our society and this Catching Kindness card game can alleviate that stress and put smiles on people’s faces.

At Life Vest Inside, we want to proactively take part in making this world a much kinder place for all of us. Each deck comes with 25 cards. Get your card deck or gift it to someone. Order yours today!

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