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Join in and take part in a global celebration of kindness through song and dance!

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How it Works

Steps for Participating

Whether you consider yourself a professional or amateur dancer or not a dancer at all – Dance for Kindness is for you! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join a global community uniting for kindness through the power of song and dance! OPENS FALL 2018.

Learn the Dance

You’ll receive an email with a link to our “Learn the Dance” page (only accessible to those who register) with access to the dance tutorial video, the Official FlashMob and FreezeMob songs and contact info for our head choreographer.

Connect with Group Leader

Your Group Leader will reach out to you to get you pumped and provide you with details about the specific location and information about the rehearsal that will take place the day of the event.

Join the Dance for Kindness Main Event page and connect with participants from around the world. What a great way to begin creating a culture of kindness!

Get Involved!

Find cool ways to spread the word! Pledge an act of kindness and join in on exciting kindness activities!

Prepare for the Event!

You’re part of a WorldWide event – woohoo! Go nuts and deck yourself out in orange gear for the day of the event! The more orange the better!

Sign Up for Updates!

Dance for Kindness takes place in each year in November to celebrate World Kindness week! Missed this past year’s event?! No problem! Sign up for updates and we’ll keep you in the loop!