Celebrating a Decade of Kindness

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A Global Celebration

A Decade of Kindness

In 2012, Life Vest Inside initiated Dance For Kindness, a WorldWide event in celebration of World Kindness Day. Groups from across the globe join together to perform a Kindness FreezeMob/FlashMob to the same song, same dance, all happening on the same day.

Dance for Kindness has taken place in over 310 cities, spanning across 76 countries and 6 continents with over 90,000 GLOBAL participants. This year marks a DECADE OF KINDNESS as we celebrate our 10th Annual WorldWide Dance for Kindness on Sunday, November 14th 2021!

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The Magic of Dance for Kindness

There is Nothing Stronger than the Heart of a Volunteer

Our magic lies within our Group Leaders! Dance for Kindness is organized by enthusiastic volunteers, just like YOU, who register as Group Leaders to proudly represent their city and bring a culture of kindness to their neighborhood. Group Leaders receive a unique opportunity to experience our FREE leadership training program, providing them with the tools, skills and resources to bring this event to life and learn how to take any idea they have for positive change and bring it into fruition.

Many of our Group Leaders have gone on to start their own initiatives, programs, organizations and they share how our program helped them get there! Join us and learn more about becoming a Group Leader.

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Did You Know

Dancing improves our Mental Health

Pretty awesome, right?! Dancing is a social activity that allows us to connect with others, share experiences and meet new people, which has a very positive effect on our mental health.

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A Global Celebration

The Purpose of
World Kindness Day

The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves – beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion and realize that we are citizens of the world and that kindness is the common thread that unites us all.

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Participate in this global event by signing up under your country or region and Dancing for Kindness!


Opens September


Sign up to become an official Dance For Kindness Group Leader and represent your city!



Take part in our Monthly Dance Party leading up to the Worldwide event.


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What's the Hype All About?

“Being a Group Leader for Dance for Kindness convinced me of the power of Kindness to change the world because it has changed me. Through the Dance for Kindness leadership program, I was given an opportunity to develop my organization, communication, and event planning skills. This program challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, to grow and to communicate with people, asking them for help and support. It has helped me be aware that I am capable of doing great things. Group Leaders are well supported with resources, tools, and advice from past and current leaders from all over the world. Applying to become a Group Leader will challenge you, help you to grow, change you and in turn change the world to become a better place.” – Stéphanie, Niainahariravaka – Antananarivo, Madagascar

“My event just took place and my heart is SO full! Our community rallied around to support and participate in the event. It was truly a group effort. This experience brought us all together for a common purpose and knowing that we were linked to 50+ other countries all doing the same, creates a global bond that we wouldn’t have experienced without this DFK opportunity.” – Andrea Johnston, Huntsville, Canada

“Being a Group Leader allowed me to witness first hand what a community is all about; how people come together to help out, how they support one another and how they lift the spirits of everyone around them.” – Lana Mahmoud, Group Leader, Amman, Jordan

“Leading a Dance for Kindness event in your community is one of the most rewarding things you can do! You are bringing people of all ages together, all in the name of kindness and humanity! There is an incredible, powerful, positive energy and excitement in the air! It has become an annual tradition for us!” – Terese Rolke, Group Leader, Red Bank, NJ USA

“Seeing the excitement in 350 kids eyes as they broke out in dance and sang the words “I can be anything I want to be” with such passion – made me realize just what had been accomplished on that day. Instilling a sense of purpose in the heart of a child is what leads to a better world for us all. My heart was filled and it was clear to see that theirs were too. One child came up to me and said, “I want to help you make the world a better place. You can count on me!” Words I will never forget! This is what I call priceless!” – Orly Wahba, Group Leader, Jerusalem, Israel

“Being a Group Leader made me feel like I was part of a family that was going through everything with me.” – Adeyemi Bernard Olubiyi, Kharkov, Ukraine

“The sense of connection is part of what makes Life Vest Inside and Dance for Kindness so special. We truly are a kindness connection web!” – Gail Churape, Washington, USA

“Being a Group Leader exposed me to a lot of things, like connecting more with who we are as human beings, to know and feel what kindness is. The event was a great tool for me to touch people’s lives positively. It really helped improve my communication skills and leadership skills.” – Obijimi Tobi

“Dance for Kindness was an amazing experience and such an emotional day. Tears of happiness streamed down my cheeks as I watched people unite as one all over the world through dance.” – Donna Cain, Group Leader, Tauranga, New Zealand

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