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Our Story

In 2012, we had a crazy idea to organize a WorldWide event in honor of World Kindness Day (November 13th), so we reached out to our fans and put our idea out there. What happened? We found 30 AMAZINGLY committed Group Leaders. With 30 locations, spanning across 15 countries and over 3,500 participants, the Life Vest Inside WorldWide Dance for Kindness was born.

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How it Works

Steps to becoming an official Group Leader!

Apply to be a Group Leader. It’s simple! Just complete the form below and you’ll receive a confirmation with the official Group Leader Handbook.


Read the Official Dance for Kindness Group Leader Handbook. Once you apply, you’ll receive the Handbook in an email. This will provide you with a step by step breakdown of your Leadership responsibilities and broaden your understanding of the event itself.


Email us at and let us know you’ve read the Handbook and feel like you are ready to take on the responsibility of a Group Leader!


Watch the Official Dance for Kindness Behind the Scenes video tutorial showing you how things work on the backend for our Group Leaders. You will only receive this once you’ve read the Handbook.


Schedule a Skype session with LVI Founder, Orly Wahba, to discuss your game plan and ensure that you are ready for the task at hand!

Start Planning!

Begin making the event come to life! You’ll be connected to a support group with all of the global Group Leaders.

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Dance for Kindness takes place in each year in November to celebrate World Kindness week! Missed this past year’s event?! No problem! Sign up below and be the first to know when #DFK2018 Group Leader application OPENS! Please Note: Group Leader Application only remains open for two weeks, so it’s advisable to sign up below if you are interested.

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Word on the Street

Hear what other Group Leaders Have to Say!

“Being a Group Leader made me feel like I was part of a family that was going through everything with me.” – Adeyemi Bernard Olubiyi, Kharkov, Ukraine

“The sense of connection is part of what makes Life Vest Inside and Dance for Kindness so special. We truly are a kindness connection web!” – Gail Churape, Washington, USA

“The experience was great. I got to interact with so many different people around the globe. It made me feel more confident in my leadership skills.” – Afshan Hussain

“Being a Group Leader exposed me to a lot of things, like connecting more with who we are as human beings, to know and feel what kindness is. The event was a great tool for me to touch people’s lives positively. It really helped improve my communication skills and leadership skills.” – Obijimi Tobi

Watch our Group Leaders in Action!

The heart and soul of Dance for Kindness isn’t found within the dance steps, it’s found within our incredibly dedicated volunteer Group Leaders. They infuse the true magic into this event!

Have More Questions?!

Read our FAQ's

A Group Leader is the person in charge of organizing Dance for Kindness in their city. Every city will have at least one Group Leader. In some circumstances there will be co-leaders; 2-3 people organizing the event together.

As a Group Leader one of the most important things we ask is that you always communicate with us. Sometimes we take on more than we can handle, sometimes the unexpected happens – if you can’t do something or if you hit a roadblock, all we ask is that you communicate with us and let us know what you’re thinking. It’s natural to feel guilty and stop communicating, but communication is key! We will always respond to you and as Group Leader representing an organization focused on kindness – we expect the same from you

Things to consider:

  • Do I have the time? Read through the responsibilities and review the Handbook
  • Am I passionate about the mission of the organization? If you are connected to what the organization is about the likelihood is you won’t see things all the way through
  • Do I understand my responsibilities? If you’re unsure of something – ask! That’s what we’re here for! We want to be certain that you feel confident in your role.

As a Group Leader you’ll be responsible for organizing all of the logistics for your specific city.

Main Responsibilities include:

  • Securing a location
  • Securing sound permits (if applicable)
  • Organizing dance rehearsals: many Group Leaders only organize one rehearsal, the day of the event a few hours prior somewhere in close proximity to the event location
  • Outreach to community members, local dance studios, schools, etc… Spreading the word to bring on dance participants
  • Promoting your event: Social media, emails, hanging posters. Please note: all graphics, email templates and social media copy and posts are provided to you.
  • Bringing on board a videographer and photographer to capture your event.
  • Communicating with your participants to keep them in the know. Please note: email templates will be provided to you.
  • Managing the FB event page for your city. We will create the page for you and make you an admin.
  • Logistics the day of the event
  • After Event Follow Up: providing us with all the event photo’s, videos, press coverage after the event
  • Providing us with feedback and testimonials after the event

Additional Responsibilities include: these are additional things you can do as a Group Leader, but are not mandatory. We will provide you with the steps to get these things done if you are interested.

  • Securing local sponsorship to fundraise for Life Vest Inside. Sponsorship money can also help cover costs of your local event
  • Outreach to press: reaching out to get press coverage for your event
  • After event activities: Some Group Leaders like to organize a full filled day of kindness for participants to take part in after the actual dance event

Group Leader application opens in the summer. The application process only last for two weeks, so pre-register so you’ll be kept in the know.

Not a problem! In many cases we have co-leaders. Sometimes co-leaders know each other and other times, we introduce two people that live in the same city that are interested in leading the event. This provides leaders with additional help to organize the event.

Only once you hop on a Skype call with Orly or one of our Group Leader coordinators will you be officially listed as a Group Leader. Simply getting the Handbook does not make you a Group Leader. You will need to follow the complete steps for applying.

Step 1: Apply
Step 2: Read the Handbook
Step 3: Watch the tutorial video
Step 4: Hop onto a Skype call
Step 5: Start planning – you are OFFICIAL!

Pre-registering just means you are interested in becoming a Group Leader and ensures that you will be the first to know when the Group Leader application process is open. It only remains open for two weeks, so it is recommended to pre-register. Once you receive an email that the application for Group Leaders is open, you will need to complete a separate form and then follow the steps listed in the questions above to be considered an official Group Leader.

The likelihood is that the email was caught by your spam or promotions folder. That would be the first place to check! Once you find it, you will want to add the email address to your address book and perhaps mark emails as priority so they will appear in your inbox. If you have checked your spam and promotions and still can’t find the email, shoot me an email and I will help you out:

Nope! Every year, Life Vest Inside creates a new dance to a new song. Our head choreograph creates a tutorial video providing a step by step breakdown of the dance. When people register to dance, they will receive a link to our Learn the Dance page with the tutorial video, the official FreezeMob and FlashMob songs as well as contact info for our head choreograph should they have any questions. All you need to do is remind those that have registered to practice the dance steps prior to the rehearsal.

Not at all! You just need to be you! As a Group Leader you can always bring on board a Dance Lead – who will help run the rehearsal and teach the dance.

Our goal is to maximize the amount of people that see the event. While Dance for Kindness takes place around the world on the same day, each Group Leader will determine the best time for their local event. We always recommend a time that has high foot traffic in the area where you will be having your event go off.

It’s always recommended to host the event on the actual day of Dance for Kindness as this is a worldwide event. However, we have made exceptions for Group Leaders to host the event the day prior or after. You request will need to be approved first.

That’s the great thing about Dance for Kindness – anyone can be a Group Leader! We have had Group Leaders ranging from age 10 to age 76! You do, however, need to make sure you are committed to seeing the event through.

Almost all Dance for Kindness events are public. What that means is that when Dance Registration opens, anyone living in a specific city listed can register to take part in that event. Private events are not listed on the registration form. Private events have generally been school events, in which a school only wanted their students to take part in the event and not open it up to community members in the area.

While Group Leaders can spend money to purchase merchandise, the Dance for Kindness flag, Acts of Kindness cards, event posters, etc…this is completely the Group Leader’s choice! If the Group Leader does not have the capability to spend any money, there are plenty of ways to organize the event without spending any money. Some Group Leaders will fundraise to cover costs for certain things they would like for their event and some Group Leaders have become super creative by creating their own flags or getting things sponsored. We do have a sponsorship deck we can provide to Group Leaders to assist them in securing local sponsorship for the event.

Yes! We will provide you with a sponsorship deck, email templates and steps for reaching out to sponsors. You will need to do the actual outreach, but we will be here to guide you and provide support throughout the process.

Of course it always helps to have some sort of event management experience, but that should not stop you from becoming a Group Leader! Our team will be here to guide you every step of the way and teach you valuable skills that you will likely apply to other jobs or volunteerism you are involved in in the future. If you never try, you can never learn! Dance for Kindness has grown so rapidly because we have made it super simple for people to organize an event. You are provided with everything you need and if you need something we haven’t provided, we will get it to you!

Having some computer skills makes things easier, but that’s not to say that it should stop you if you don’t have those skills. Tons of Group Leaders have learned a tremendous amount of skillsets simply by going through the Group Leader process. We provide you with tutorials for just about everything and I can guarantee that you will most certainly apply those skills in both your professional and personal lives way after the event is over! If you are ready to learn, we are ready to teach!

I can’t tell you how many Group Leaders have entered our program shy, reserved and lacking confidence but left the program with a renewed sense of confidence, self-value and strength. I’ve seen Group Leaders blossom before my very eyes!

A permit request form is provided to Group Leaders in the Handbook. Depending on the city, an application may need to be submitted to the city to get permission to hold the event in a public space. The first step is to determine the best location in your city to host the event. Be mindful: the event takes place in November so keep weather conditions in mind when choosing either an indoor or outdoor location. Some Group Leaders have a backup location in case of weather issues.

We provide Group Leaders with a press release that can be customized for your specific city. In addition the Handbook details how to approach press in your city from local radio stations, to news outlets to newspapers or famous local podcasters and influencers. The more people you get speaking about the event, the better! Many of our Group Leaders have been featured on their national news stations. Check out our Press Page and see for yourself!

Our philosophy is that quality trumps quantity! While we would love to have millions of people dancing, no Group Leader is ever judged based on how many participants take part in their event. The importance is that we have people in as many places as possible dancing! We had locations with over 2,000 dancers and locations with 5 dancers – and each was successful in its own right! As long as you do your best, we are your biggest fans!

Once the Group Leader process is completed and we have a list of the cities where the event will take place, people can register directly on our website by selecting which city they will be dancing in. All participants for public events MUST register on the online form.

This varies by location. Dance for Kindness is a fundraiser for the non-profit, Life Vest Inside. That being said there is a $10 registration fee for cities within the US and Canada. Registration fees can vary based on the economical state of the area and recommendations from Group Leaders. Please note: no one will EVER be turned away from participating because they cannot afford the registration fee. Money collected through registration allows Life Vest Inside to orchestra this event in cities around the world and provide free service to many third world locations where the event takes place.

By far the greatest asset Group Leaders have is the Group Leaders closed FB group. This group is ONLY for Group Leaders and give all leaders an opportunity to connect with one another, ask questions and get support! There are loads of veteran Group Leaders who are always willing to lend a hand, provide support and give you the boost of energy and confidence you need when things get tough!

For a more in depth understanding of Group Leader roles and responsibilities, read our Group Leader Handbook.