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Music has the amazing ability to inspire, empower and uplift. As one of our anthem’s goes, “Let’s Unite the World through Song and Dance!”

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FlashMob Anthems

One Day. One Dance. One Heart. Our Anthems truly move you to action!

Revolution ofLove

Charles PrestonDFK2020 / DFK2014

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I Can Be

Yaakov ShwekeyDFK2019

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The Solomon BrothersDFK2018

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Revolution of Love Remix

Charles PrestonDFK2017

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Keys to theWorld

Linda LindDFK2016

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Yaakov FeldsteinDFK2015

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Shnuer HasoferDeScribeDFK2013

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Waving Flag/One Day Mashup

Matisyahu and KenaanDFK2012

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FreezeMob Songs

Reflective songs to move you, connect you and inspire you with the world around you.


David HorganDFK2020

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What HeMeans

Just JinjerDFK2017

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Give LoveAway

Noelle MaracleDFK2016

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Revolution ofLove

Charles PrestonDFK2015

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Charlotte BrimnerDFK2014

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I Was Here


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We R 1


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Years at a Glance

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