Testimonial 7

“The experience was great. I got to interact with so many different people around the globe. It made me feel more confident in my leadership skills.” – Afshan Hussain

Testimonial 5

“I organise events all year long, Dance for Kindness was great because my whole family got involved. I made new friends and it is in alignment with my life purpose which is spreading kindness, compassion and especially empowering others.” – Ariane Leanza Heinz

Testimonial 3

“This was my third year being involved in Dance For Kindness and it was undoubtedly the best yet. It has left me with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, humility and genuine happiness. Seeing groups of people come together for the common goal of spreading kindness, love and positive energy was (and still is) remarkably moving!” – Justin Cole, Group Leader/Choreographer, San Francisco

Testimonial 2

“The highlight of the entire event was watching everyone share the kindness cards with the spectators and then going into the stores to share with the shoppers. I have renewed hope because of this event and look forward to being a part of it again next year.” – Laurie Becnel, Group Leader, Louisiana, Slidell