Group Leaders

Dance for Kindness 2012

The amazing group of people behind our First Ever WorldWide Dance for Kindness Event!

“The flash mob experience showed how kindness spreads across all ages! (We had 40 dancers who volunteered aged between 15 – 65 years old!) The Singapore Kindness Movement is proud to support Life Vest Inside under the big umbrella of kindness. Indeed, with appreciation, kindness blossoms!”

Michelle Tay

Singapore, SINGAPORE

“What could be better than dancing especially in Siberia! Thanks Life Vest Inside for this kind Flashmob. It helped us to warm the whole Russia : )”

Nataliya Zdrelko


“One of the most inspiring events that we have done! It’s so great to see everybody being fascinated to be there.”

Fernando Brierley

Santiago, CHILE

“…Imagine if everyone took an extra 5 minutes each day to do an EXTRA act of kindness… Just 5 minutes… It could be as simple as smiling at someone, giving them a compliment, talking to someone who is lonely, lending an ear to someone who is upset… I truly believe we could help make this world a much better place… ”

Diane Dupuis

Montreal, CANADA

“It has been an amazing experience… learning about how to prepare an event, how to use technologies, PRACTICING ENGLISH, reflecting about my own kindness and trying to be more kind, meeting new people and doing what I like the most: sensitizing people about positives values! Also, now I know that there are a lot of people working on that around the world, like all of you!!”

Maria Beatriz-Alvarez

Montreal, CANADA

“Some of the best moments in my life: discovering new friends, building bonds, and spreading awareness. Keep kindness going because it is a universal language that is in everyone’s price range.”

Dustin Wong

California, USA

“Working with LVI on this event was such an emotional experience for me. It helped me reach down to my very core and grab hold of the change I believed in. Orly sees the world differently than most, she is not one to subscribe to the negativity and hate that seems to constantly loom over the global population…As the message of LVI reaches far and wide, no doubt it will make an impact both individually and globally…”

Ziwei Mao

Florida, USA

“The most incredible, joyful and supportive experience I had this year. Giving without the need to recieve is truly an act of kindness. The chance to know people from around the globe, the possibility to talk to some of them, the capability of sharing this with friends and new people, it’s awesome. Now I know that the possibility to change the world and make it better is inside us.”

Celso Castro Diaz + Paoloa Ortega Sanchez

Mexico City, MEXICO

“…The worldwide flashmob dance is so spectacular. It will take seeing the video montage for all involved to truly realize what they are now a part of. Our community and students will never forget this experience…”

Dolores Lawton

New York, USA

“The greatest wealth is doing what you love… I could organize Flash Mob in my city very easily and with help from LVI it was just perfect. I love organizing such events and I was enjoying every minute of this process. At the end, everybody were surprised that nothing went wrong! …Thank you very much for this help! I’ve realized how I can look for my way in this World of Kindness. ”

Kasia Szczot

Lublin, POLAND

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice”

John Miller

Michigan, USA

“This opportunity was amazing…I put the challenges of organizing the event in 3 weeks, only living in Toledo for 1 year & not knowing many people out of my mind. At first people laughed at me, but I kept telling myself that I HAD TO make it happen. There were so many tears during that 7 minutes: the dancers, the mall director, parents, my family, me. My heart was truly moved & I felt very honored to be part of it.”

Tonya Bennert

Ohio, USA

“Kindness is one expression of love—one that I experienced as a continuous stream on World Kindness Day, and in the weeks leading up. The love I experienced with friends, strangers and for myself was life changing, and will continue into the infinite. The goal for me is global community. If we choose to work together going forward, global community will be a way of life. I love all of you—this is only the beginning.”

Adam Haesler

Vancouver, CANADA

“It was wonderful, I was feeling so young and enthusiastic again, and I am probably the oldest group leader, I am almost 58! It was so hilariously WILD from time to time; the dancers were bursting with joy and optimism! I could only be sorry for not joining the LVI movement (yes, it is a first class world movement!) before…It was so great to be a part of everything. Thank you, Orly, for doing this, you are my hero!”

Nadan Petri


“This project has made me feel united with people around the world in ways nothing else has. I didn’t know the other participants but we all felt the same in our hearts and we were able to lift each other up and support each other with our words and our actions. It made me feel connected and as if we were all one, for a day, but we will all know that we are connected forever”

Breanne Oakie

Alberta, CANADA

“The whole Event wouldn’t be so effective without Kindness and Energy of those who participated and supported us. I don’t know how to thank you, Life Vest Inside, for uniting all of us here and around the World no matter what races, colors and beliefs we are! It all helped us to feel ourselves as a part of one global nation – Humanity. Hope everyone soon will be able to speak Kindness!”

Timur Boskin