You’ve pre-applied as a Group Leader for Dance for Kindness 2018!

Thanks so much for pre-applying as a Group Leader (GL) for Dance for Kindness 2018! You will be amongst the first to know when the Group Leader application process opens up for 2018! This generally happens around June.

Please check your inbox for an email with next steps and be sure to add to your address book.If you don’t see an email within the next 5 minutes, please check your spam or trash folder.

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As far as the process for Group Leaders – it’s pretty simple!

Once the application process officially opens, you will go through the Group Leader process:

Step 1: Apply!

Step 2: Read the Handbook! You will receive the Dance for Kindness Handbook to review; giving you the full description of your responsibilities as a Group Leader so you can best determine if you are up to the task! (Feel free to read through the DFK2017 Handbook for now. You can already begin preparing for the event by securing your location – which is generally the hardest part. DFK2018 will be taking place on Sunday, November 11th 2018)

Step 3: Email me to let me know you are in! I will then send you the official Behind the Scenes tutorial video to watch before our Skype call

Step 4: Skype call! Schedule a skype call with me to discuss your game plan!

Step 5: Start planning! Let’s bring this to life!

That’s basically it!

The Group Leader application process will officially open sometime in May/June.
Looking forward to an amazing event! Feel free to start learning more about Dance for Kindness on the site and by reviewing the Group Leader Handbook.

With kindness,
Orly Wahba