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Meet the team behind the Song, Star!

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DFK2020 FreezeMob Song

Story Behind the Song

Q&A with David Horgan

Kindness is the universal currency we all owe to each other. Like water it can carve giant impressions in the earth and flow to all who need it!

I wanted to encourage my students to understand that each one of them is a star in their own world and they are meant to shine.

Find the artist/star in yourself. Adore it. Share it!


Song written by David Horgan
Produced by Cory Horgan, Davis Horgan, Doug Maxwell.
Music performed by Davis Horgan, Cory Horgan

All Vocals Performed by the Students
Nataly Hernandez, Noe Stanley, Tangela Smith, Zamir Grimes, Jair Smith, Taryn LaPlatney

I am the lost distant star
nobody sees
I am the white faded scar
from my lost dreams

I am the sky when it’s gray
I’m the falling leaves

I am the rain from the storm
I once believed

But in this roomI have my wings
I am a star
and I can sing
and for one night.
im everything ( I’m ev-ree-thing)

For Just one moment out of time
for one night the world is mine

One star
that’s meant to shine

Yes for this moment
Just one time
I see the world
And it is mine
There is a star

And it is me

And it is me