School Testimonial 4

"Dance for Kindness is the incontestable proof that Kindness is our common denominator and the solution for a happy future for mankind."

Constantin Păun, DFK Group Leader, Transilvania Brasov, Romania

School Testimonial 3

"I can't put into words the impact DFK has had on me. This is what kindness does to you, it takes you by surprise and leaves you spellbound. Dance for Kindness was magical. Kindness can make anything happen if you believe in it and just give into it."

Nisha Ravi, Bangalore, India

School Testimonial 2

"Dance for Kindness is amazing in that all ages of students, plus parents, staff, and teachers get involved! It doesn't stop there, it brings energy to the local community."

Julie Garner, co-leader, Shenzhen, China

School Testimonial 1

"This was far more than a “dance” for my students and me, but a unifying experience that has drawn my students, school and community closer together. Dance for Kindness will be a fixture in my community for years to come!"

Jason Hattrick, DFK Group Leader, Vancouver, Washington, USA