Meet the singer behind the inspirational Dance for Kindness 2012 FreezeMob Anthem, We R 1 & the powerful Dance for Kindness 2013 FlashMob Anthem, Dreamer!

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About DeScribe

Who is DeScribe? His voice can awaken the soul through song. He has a vibrant, energy-driven and rhythmic vibe. We’re talking pulsating and inspiring music stemming​ from his personal journey from the darkness into light. Shneur Hasofer, better known by his stage name DeScribe, is an Australian singer-songwriter. His music combines elements of Pop, Dance, and Reggae.

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We R 1

Written by: Shneur "DeScribe" Hasofer

Grab my bags
Hit the road
Destination unknown

Had my mindset
Hit the airflow
Following the wrong signs like the stat quo
And we live and love and we earn
And the lives of no concern
Have you ever stopped for a moment
Take a look around the world
See the lights flash by me are blinding
See the light in the sky is shining
And I’ve seen it all now so i gotta relate

I’ve traveled the world
Been so many places
I look in their eyes
I see the fear on their faces
I’m burning inside and I just can’t erase it
There’s no turning back
Open your eyes and just face it

United we stand
Divided we fall
See we’re gonna make it
See we’re gonna make it


Written by: Shneur "DeScribe" Hasofer
Produced by: Invaderz Music Group

There are times that I fight
And sometimes that I fall
There are times that I climb
Just to rise above the world

I have loved I have lost
But I’m still walkin tall
I’m not scared of the world cuz there’s a plan for us all

I am a dreamer
Yes I am a dreamer
As the planet keeps turning our life is a journey along a dusty road
Is my mind in control when by heart is run away
Will my soul get to shine like a diamond on display
Being accused of a crime
Of belonging it’s our time
It is yours
It is mine