Noelle Maracle

Meet the Artist behind the inspirational Dance for Kindness 2016 FreezeMob Song, Give Love Away! A young artist with a beautiful future ahead of her!

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About Noelle

Noelle is a 16 year old singer from Ontario, Canada. She has been raised in a musical family and is of Mohawk, Scottish, and Irish heritage. Noelle has had a passion for music her whole life. When she was 8 years old, her brothers convinced her to audition for the television show Karaoke Star Jr. To her surprise, she was chosen as the youngest finalist on the show! This was the beginning. She started a YouTube channel which is growing day by day. Later that year, Noelle won YTV’s “Virtual Next Star” singing contest. Presenting Justin Bieber with his first platinum award at Canada’s Wonderland was part of her prize and it was a real honor!

Since then, Noelle has enjoyed many singing opportunities. Some of her favourites include singing “You Raise Me Up” at the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards show, being a singing guest on Andrea Menard’s TV Christmas special, and being backed up by an amazing children’s choir at the “Reach for the Rainbow” charity auction which helps children with disabilities attend an incredible summer camp every year.

Noelle loves a wide variety of music and is inspired by singers and songwriters such as Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, James Bay, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Sia, John Mayer, Sam Smith, and many more. Her voice has been described as unique, full of passion, with a beautiful tone. She loves singing acoustic ballads, songs that make her “feel” something. She also loves singing the old jazz style songs in the style of Sarah Vaughan etc…

Noelle is now focusing on songwriting. She has decided to dedicate herself to music.

“Orly is an amazing lady and it truly is an honor to support her in what she is doing to promote kindness around the world” –Noelle

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Q&A with Noelle Maracle

Kindness is addictive. Kindness not only benefits the one on the receiving end, but in some ways it benefits the giver even more. If we all take a little time out of each day to show kindness, the world would be so different right now. I love what Orly is doing. We all need to realize that showing kindness, even in small ways, can change someone’s life. Kindness and love will change our world, one day, one act at a time. I commit myself to try and live this way, each day, and change my world for the better.

Writing the FreezeMob song for DFK2016 was an honor. I absolutely love what Life Vest Inside is doing and I am so glad that I am able to be even a small part of it. I hope “Give Love Away” inspires others to join Orly and LVI and change their world with kindness too.

That’s a tough question. I’m not sure if I have one message, but I do know that it’s easy, growing up in our country, to be self centered in our daily lives. It’s easy to be blind to what others are going through, but that needs to change. There are so many beautiful people in this world, and if we choose to see the beauty in others, our world would be so much better. I guess I challenge myself and others to see the best in others and treat them accordingly, and always be willing to help someone in need, because you never know what they’ve been through.

Give Love Away

Written by: Noelle Maracle

Open your eyes
What do you see
A lonely world
Souls in need

What can we do
What can we say
We can try to put
A smile on someone’s face

Oh….a change is what we need
We need

I don’t know why
Wish things weren’t this way
But I’m gonna try…
To make a better day
Give some love away
oh…give some love away…mmm

Too many souls
Have lost their way
Wandering alone
Been pushed away

Doesn’t take much
To show we care
A helping hand
Or even just a smile

Oh….a change is what we need
We need

I don’t know why
Wish things weren’t this way
But I’m gonna try
To make a better day
Give some love away
oh…give some love away

I don’t know why
Wish things weren’t this way
Give some love away