Anthony Giorgio

Meet the Dancer behind the Dance!

Head Choreographer Dance for Kindness 2013-2015

Meet Anthony

Anthony has been very lucky to have taken two of his passions, entertainment and social justice and combine them to serve a higher purpose in life all around the world. He is most proud of having had the chance to choreograph for over 10,000 dancers from around the world in the name of Kindness with Life Vest Inside, tour parts of the middle east with one of his favorite children’s show of all time “Bear and the Big Blue House Live!” for the King of Baharain and most recently attend Mumbai Pride 2018 with the workshop Broadway to Bombay, a love and courage tour. While he was living in NYC he was connected to ActionPlayNYC; a non-profit organization dedicated to providing children, teens, and adults on the autism spectrum and related conditions equal access to education, arts, and culture. Creating original musicals by those involved with the program. He’s always working on new and exciting programs for LGTBQ youth in his now home the Jersey Shore and hopes to always pass on the light, inspiration, self-expression and leadership that everyone deserves and wants in life. “I believe that if I am doing what I am doing, then you can certainly do what you want to do and that way we both are doing whatever is that we love to do together and powerfully.” His next projects are currently being worked; so look for the next chapter in this amazing idea we call life.

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Q&A with Anthony

Kindness means love for all. To see a human being versus a color, a height, a nationality or size. When you do something for someone and don’t think twice about it. Love is love. Being kind is powerful, simple and the best part freeing. Kindness keeps the world afloat.

The one message I would share the world is see people, listen, help, try not to judge and most importantly YOU do YOU!

I didn’t choose to to be head choreographer it choose me. The cosmic energy is always reaching out and I just took it. I’ve come to learn that it is bigger than all of us and you must give back. This was my giving back. Dance for Kindness moves the world one step at a time.

Dance makes people happy. Fun fact: This comes from the Native American traditions.

“Dances have always been significant in the lives of Native Americans as both a common amusement and a solemn duty. Many dances played a vital role in religious rituals and other ceremonies; while others were held to guarantee the success of hunts, harvests, giving thanks, and other celebrations.”

Dance like food is something that is so universal in bringing people together.

I love elephants and collect many porcelain versions of them, I love to travel and pink is my favorite color.


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