Justin Cole

Meet the Dancer behind the Dance!

Head Choreographer Dance for Kindness 2016-2017

Meet Justin

Justin Cole is an inspiring dance instructor and choreographer known for his ability to make dancers of all ages and abilities look and feel stellar on stage. He is known for infectious energy and for leading students, by his example, to find and grab onto their passions in life. His teaching philosophy is that mediocre or settling is not good enough because it is within each of his students’ reach to attain what they want. “Work hard, follow your dreams and never say, I wish I would have…”

Justin has the teaching versatility to lead dynamic tap, theatrical dance, and hip-hop classes for all ability levels and ages—from 3 year-olds to grandparents. His fresh and exuberant style is in high demand, as he has taught up to 22 classes a week during the school year, and fewer in the summer when he also directs and choreographs for children’s theatre and other non-profit organizations.

Justin’s professional teaching career includes 29 consecutive years with the Pinole Community Players, 18 years at Katie’s Dance Studio, 15 years at The California Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA), 8 years with the Peter Pan Foundation and now 3 years with Joy in Motion.

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Bringing the Dance to Life

Q&A with Justin Cole

Kindness means treating others with respect, being open to others point of view and remembering always we are all going through different things in our lives. It’s being patient, staying calm and sometimes deep breathes. It’s not going out of your way to help others, it’s simply doing it. Live each day as your best self….hold a door open for someone, help clean-up after a party, smile, say hello and most of all take care of yourself first. What goes around comes around and I believe what you give is what you get!

Never Give Up; Always Do Your Best and don’t just follow your dreams… chase them!

It was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself and a wonderful platform to inspire others in my community as well as around the world.

Dance is universal like laughter and sadness. Music has always made me move and dancing makes me forget about everything else. It heals; it motivates and it soothes the soul. Dance is truly a celebration of life that can be shared by all.

Justin was a musical theatre major that fell into dancing however he knew he loved it when he saw Madonna’s Lucky Star Video way back in the 80’s.

Justin fell in love with Britney Spears when she performed Slave and danced with a snake on the VMA’s

Justin is an Eagle Scout.

Justin love craft projects that include glitter

Justin loves fried chicken!


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