Tory Dube

Meet the Dancer behind the Dance!

Head Choreographer Dance for Kindness 2012

Meet Tory

Tory Dube is a retired dancer turned Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Certified Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist. She is the host of the An Excellent Example of Being Human podcast, a children’s book author, hosts international wellness retreats, and works with clients around the world. Her approach guides woman away from relying on pure logic and, instead, towards their inherently brilliant internal compass.

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Q&A with Tory Dube

Kindness is the easiest form of human connection available to us! It’s access to an immediate boost in feelings of worth, intimacy, joy and connection.

Global healing starts within ourselves. When we take radical responsibility for our own happiness, we act as a lighthouse to the people around us— inviting them to take personal responsibility too. The impact then continues to extend, from one’s community to one’s state, to one’s nation, to the whole world. If every individual focused on curating kindness in their own life instead of trying to manipulate the world to make them happy, we’d have a radically different reality!

I was the choreographer for the first year of DFK. At the time I was the communications director for Life Vest Inside and we (Orly and I) had no idea how to create a worldwide flash mob. We were definitely making it up as we went! Having a dance background, it just made sense that it’d choreograph. We laughed A LOT while filming in Orly’s living room!

Dance transcends language, skin color, religion and age. It brings us into the present moment, allowing for true intimacy, joy and connection— everything we’re seeking. This event proves that if we can all dance for the same cause, we have the ability to find common ground in all other areas.

I met Orly while auditioning for Kindness Boomerang. It was one of my very first auditions in NYC and it was HORRIBLE! I did a monologue while pretending to be on a roller coaster. I forgot most of the lines, so I was just telling. When I stopped flailing and screaming, Orly just started at me in silence. Orly has the tape somewhere and will surely play it for us someday, haha.

Orly has attended two of my international wellness retreats! And we’re both boogie board masters.


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