Maria Huhtinen

Meet the Dancer behind the Dance!

Head Choreographer Dance for Kindness 2018

Meet Maria

Maria is a Finnish dancer, actor, choreographer and musical theatre actor based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has performed all around Europe including multiple live tv-shows. Besides her work as a performing artist, she’s also an experienced and well liked dance teacher. Her energy and talent has led her to teach at numerous inspirational events throughout the years for companies like Nike.

Maria is known for her positivity and playfulness, as well as for her professionalism and work ethic. Constant self improvement is a crucial part of her work as an artist and she can often times be found participating in workshops, intensive courses or taking lessons with private tutors. She wishes is to inspire people by showing them that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and that one truly can accomplish pretty much anything with the right mindset, hard work and dedication.

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Bringing the Dance to Life

Q&A with Maria Huhtinen

Kindness to me is a form of empathy. It means treating people with the same respect you’d like to be treated with, no matter the circumstances.

Treating people with kindness and giving them the benefit of a doubt takes a lot less energy and gives back a thousand times more than the alternative. The change starts in you, so lead by example.

Because this is such an important cause and close to my heart. There is true power in kindness and I love the way DFK and Life Vest Inside celebrates and reminds people of that.

By bringing people together to get inspired and to inspire others. There’s something magical in the combination of music and movement that creates a sense of belonging and happiness in most of us.

Maria has a masters degree in maths and physics from the University of Helsinki. Maria is a dog mom to a fluffy poodle called Skorpan.


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